Take your chance



Self-determined, free work and the support of you partner company allow you to achieve a new work-life-balance. Working with easiness and joy based on cooperating with like-minded cheerful people. Creating a social added value and support other people on their way to success is a part of the output of your work.

“Be yourself” is given a high profile – this concept fits into your life and you will be part of a colourful, cheerful community which sees potential in all those facets of human kind. Nobody but you determine your career – you have the opportunity to create your path nationally as well as internationally accompanied by fun, amazing travels, personal growth and last but not least your ecological footprint is green and together we make sure that our grandchildren have a future

Your Job

Full- or part-time

You create your path either full time or part time depending on your personal and individual goals. A performance-related commission system allows you to go your own way regardless of liking, structure and personal history – what counts is your willingness to unfold your potential and use this for your daily activities.

If it’s a few hundred Euros or a self-determined free life based on a new working concept – your personal motive decides about your first steps and your individual path. Everything is possible – you decide.


Work whenever, wherever and with whom you want. With an award-winning Austrian company right by your side you have a partner who positions itself in many up-and-coming markets.

Flexible time management and setting your individual goals for success for your risk free self-employment – You decide about your work and your success.

Your Chance

Your way

Selfdetermined and free

Your start is risk and local free across Europe. As your mentor we will develop a plan for your journey – we define your first goals which fit in your life concept together.

You can earn between a few hundred Euros and up to a five figures monthly commission depending on your time capacity and motive.

I will give you all the necessary tools that will guide you to your goals step by step.

“It’s not a matter of if you can – it’s a matter of how much you want it.”

Your profile

You want....

  • to be yourself
  • to unfold your potential
  • to know appreciation and respect for your achievements
  • to experience real team work
  • to get to know new things and broaden your mind
  • work with joy, fun and focus on fulfilling your dreams
  • to put a meaning on your being and your actions

… then I am looking forward to our initial converstation!

Sei Du!