Stefanie Schussmann

Turn on the Sunshine


High spirits, enthusiasm, love for every human being, power and unstoppable motivation to tackle things over and over again that’s what makes me stand out.

I am an independent networker partnered with an Austrian family run business called Ringana since 2014. As one of the company’s top leaders I am building up an international network of partners across Europe with my team to spread the word about our unique concept and vision.

Ethical and sustainable actions on all levels combined with incomparable economic success convinced me to be part of this movement as well as provide active support for people who are on their way to independence with Ringana.

My way

Radiantly different

After finishing school and my first experience in Junior Management at an international food trading group I soon figured out – there must be another way. What exactly?

A successful life – a career – an income that gives me the opportunity to fulfil my dreams and wishes embedded in a respectful togetherness and still having a self-determined life.

Time to myself and my loved ones – as a mother of a three-year-old girl it’s more important to me than ever to be able to work when, where and with whom I want to.

Thanks to the opportunity given by my partner company my job is now able to meet all the criteria and requirements I set by 100%.

The journey is the destination

Today I live a free and self-determined life. I myself make the decision when, with whom and where I want to work. I am far more relaxed because I know that this flexibility gives me the opportunity to fully enjoy my life with my daughter, my family, my friends and following my interests and hobbies.

Furthermore it fills my heart with joy and pride not to categorize my lifetime in work-life-balance but to live a life-life-balance thanks to a meaningful, rewarding and fulfilling activity.

Become part of our team and write your own success story.


Dream big